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CCL International Chemical Company :: CCL International Chemical Company
Business Outline
Evolving with the development of human civilization, writing, painting stationeries face an environment that can’t hold comparative advantage having simply recording function, due to the rapid growth of IT technology
So CCL distributes stationeries to it’s own brand and produces OEM basis: sublimation-transcription pens, crayons, poster colors having excellent touch and unique convenience, added a sublimation-transfer function in addition to basis function of writing letters, drawings.
It is the item that can develop original application according to the creative needs of consumers as it is used for various purpose to wide range of people and modern seekers of personality can have their own possession.
Also we are concentrating our efforts to upgrade these products developing new items and marketing systems, for example Clean Pen, Window Marker as a kind of Board Marker Pen.
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Hand Picture Crayon

Hand Picture Poster Color

Hand Picture Brush Pen

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