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Business Outline
CCL is developing eco-friendly chemical for printing and expands the business area to planning, design, producing and delivery for printed matters. So we provide up-graded services to our customers combining chemical Knowledge and printing technology, with prompt delivery and competitive cost, regarding sticker, leaflet, packaging and small or big orders.
Business Area
  • Domestic distribution, export and development of eco-friendly damping solution
  • Development and safe of alternative materials in printing
  • Planning, design, production and sales of prints(Brochure, Catalogue, Leaflet, Magazine, Package, Name Card, Sticker)
Item introduction :
Eco-friendly damping solution ("Eco – Damping": attached: product manual)
  • Summary
  • Eco-friendly
  • Quality Improvement
  • Control & Maintenance
  • Advantages for Distributor
■ Advantage of CCL(non-alcohol) fountain(Dampening) solution
Diverse Application & Less Ink Consumption

CCL fountain solution (Eco-Damping) has been tested on several off-set printers made by HEIDLEBERG, MISTUSBISHI, MULLER and many other makers. Its application for the off-set printers, regardless of types and manufacturers, together with different kinds of paper and ink, proves its quality, effective cost-saving and many other outstanding features.

Water itself is very important for fountain functionality whether it is underground water or tap water, but CCL solution accepts most of water without any trouble. Its PH is around 5~6 to match with inks.

Also, CCL solution can be applied both automatic and manual feeding device mounted on printer.

In addition, CCL solution was applied for newspaper rotary off-set printer and to compare to conventional IPA type solution, it gives out eye-catching outstanding printing quality.

Another important benefit from our experience and evaluation with customers is that in average, 10% of ink consumption is reduced due to the most adequate emulsification between fountain solution borne water and ink.

As CCL solution is one component type, while others are two or three component type, it is much easily treated and maintained with less attention and non-alcohol type solution means no flammability.

■ Eco-friendly Policy & Trend

Alcohol type (IPA) solution is legally classified as VOC emitting material critically hazardous to human body and nature, getting banned from usage all over the world by individual governmental eco-friendly policy. A country which has no regulation for it or not so tight regulation will surely legislate it sooner or later.

Prior to governmental action, civic organization and individuals is on the lead and trend of VOC material repellency.

■ Printing Quality Improvement & Fast Drying

Proper dosage of CCL solution manipulates the balance of emulsification of water and ink, so that it results in best printing quality and low surface tension of water created by CCL solution minimize water usage (due to excellent wetting on paper) to realize fast drying.

In addition, minimal water brings other benefits of less paper extension and less operator’s effort to get printing on focus.

■ Debris Control & Printer Maintenance

CCL solution suppresses the debris accumulation from ink, dust, powder and others onto the printing machine.

It also contains corrosion resistant material which helps steel compartments in the machine not oxidized, indicating less maintenance.

■ Advantages for Distributor

CCL solution is not classified as a hazardous material, so that it can be shipped with no difficulty and no other logistics problem.

FTA (Free Trade Agreement) between Korea and ASEAN countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and so forth frees custom duty, which can be additional benefit to distributor, to compare with other Japanese or German makers.

Printing Portfolio
  • Catalog
  • Package
  • Sticker / CI
  • Etc.